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As the most widely recognized and fastest-growing software testing certification organization in the world ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) now has more than 800 000 certified testers in over 100 countries. SSTB is one of ISTQB's member boards. Besides in English, SSTB also offers a Swedish standard and Swedish testing certification according to the international standard.

New release, Foundation Level CTFL 4.0

See News: New release, Foundation Level CTFL 4.0
You can now apply for exam at SSTB. Se folder Open SSTB exams

Which of the two CTFL exams should I choose? CTFL 2018 or CTFL 4.0?
First, both are equivalent. They are valid ffor the future. An ISTQB crtificate is lifelong

Our recommendation is that if you plan to take your exam in the next few weeks (May-June 2023), you should choose CTFL 2018.
- If you have started your preparations for CTFL 2018,  applied for or taken a course, you should also        take your exam for CTFL 2018.
- If you are planning to take a course, then you should choose the accredited training provider that
  suits you best regardless of 2018 or 4.0. There are, and will be, experienced trainer for both.
- If you want to start studying by yourself, CTFL 4.0 maybe the best

For accredited training providers, see here
Apply for exams at www.sstb.se > Open SSTB exams

Why choose training provider and a course that is accredited by ISTQB?

An ISTQB accredited training provider is someone who has extensive knowledge and experience in testing and can provide additional insight into test terminology and syllabus content to facilitate the achievement of ISTQB certification.
A course from an ISTQB-accredited training provider guarantees that the content covers all sections and parts according to the Syllabus and is therefore a good basis for your ISTQB examinations. The teacher is also certified, has knowledge of the current course and also has pedagogical skills.
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SSTB exams

As an ISTQB member board, SSTB conducts examinations and certifications in most of the modules offered by ISTQB. Se product portfolio below.
SSTB conducts ISTQB examinations as follows:

  • Immediately following a course conducted by accredited course holders. See the Calendar tab. All course holders always have an exam connected to their course
  • Approximately once a month as an open exam in Stockholm and Göteborg. See Open SSTB Exams. There you can participate in any of the ISTQB examinations offered by SSTB. The exams are done on paper and the results are posted to the address you provided during the examination
  • At the request of a group or a company. Please contact SSTB for agreement.
  • You can also apply to an online exam.  There you can choose among all of the ISTQB examinations offered by SSTB.


Online              Classroom
2023-12-19      Stockholm/Kista 2023-12-15
2023-12-28      Göteborg ---
Also, see Calendar          



The number of ISTQB certified people is now more than 300.000 people
Se the press release

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A presentation of ISTQB and status August 2013.
See link.

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If you would like to provide us with feedback on how ISTQB® certification has worked for you or your staff, please complete our 10-minute survey (around 20 questions) which will be open until September 30th 2013.
Go to this site to start

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All Courses and exams on Advanced Level Syllabi will from July 19th be towards version 2012.
Nu further courses and exams towards Advanced Level Syllabus will be held.
If you have failed an exam towards Advanced Level Syllabus 2007, you have a possibility to re-sit that exam up to end of 2013

For downloading Syllabi 2012, see folder Documents
For more information about ISTQB Advanced Level see ISTQB

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If you would like to provide us with feedback on how ISTQB® certification has worked for you or your staff, please complete our 10-minute survey (around 20 questions) which will be open until 31 July 2013.
Go to http://www.istqb.org/references/surveys/istqb-surveys.html

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In our previous range of paper-based exams for ISTQB Foundation and Advanced Level SSTB can now also offer e-exam at Foundation Level.


SSTB's e-exams are conducted on the same basis as our paper-based exams, the same terms and conditions apply, the difference is how the candidate is conducting the exam and that you can get your result immediately after completing the exam.


An e-exam is an exam where the candidate, instead of answering on paper, conducts the exam on a computer, in this case an iPAD. Upon completion of the exam, the final result (number of points achieved) is presented at once and the candidate will later get their certificates sent by mail in the same way as the paper exam.


SSTB's e-exams impose no other requirements in place, local and other conditions than those of our paper exams. It is even possible to perform the paper-based exam and e-exam at the same occasion.

Are you, as a training provider or exam coordinator, interested in organizing an e-exam please contact SSTB.

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