About SSTB

SSTB, Swedish Software Testing Board, is the national authority that by ISTQB, International Software Testing Qualifications Board, has been given the rights to carry out exams and accredit in Sweden, and mainly in Swedish, based on the international curriculum.


SSTB was founded in 2002 and is today a non-profit organization with the intention to promote testing activities in Sweden using a Swedish standard and Swedish testing certification in line with the international standard. SSTB is organized under ISTQB.

The purpose of SSTB is:

  • To create a Swedish testing standard based on Swedish testing terminology
  • To offer and carry out software testing certification in Swedish and English with Swedish and English terminology according to ISTQB product portfolio and testing standard. 
  • Offer syllabi in Swedish according to ISTQBs syllabi
  • Accredit companies to give courses that lead to certification according to the principles of ISTQB

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Mission and rights

  • SSTB owns the rights to act as a national authority for ISTQB.
  • SSTB owns the rights to the Swedish curriculum which has been translated from the international syllabus. The international syllabus is owned by ISTQB.
  • SSTB owns the rights (delegated from ISTQB) to accredit training providers for the Swedish training based on the Swedish curriculum.
  • SSTB owns the rights (delegated from ISTQB) to accredit training providers for the English training based on the English curriculum.
  • SSTB represents Sweden in ISTQBs board.
  • SSTB takes part in ISTQBs activities, as a Swedish representative, to improve and develop tests across the national borders and on further levels within test certification.

Company facts

Company: Swedish Software Testing Board

Registered Office: Stockholm

Reg.No. 802430-1064

Members of the SSTB board

Membership in SSTB is on individual level. No juridical persons are members.

  • Ingvar Nordström (chairman)
  • Beata Karpinska (deputy chairman, chairman for examination and accreditation)
  • Hans Weiberg (secretary)
  • Ingalill Hall (treasurer)
  • Johan Klintin
  • Ninna Morin
  • Tobias Ahlgren
  • Lars Erik Sandberg

Interested to be a SSTB board member?

If you are interested in being part in the board of SSTB you need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be a devoted tester regarding testing methods, principles and strategies
  • Have some kind of academic background
  • Master the English language, e.g. understand and review international standards
  • Master the Swedish language, since our field of work is the Swedish standard
  • Be an ISTQB-certified tester (or equivalent), preferable on Advanced Level
  • Have enough time to set aside for a professional organization on voluntary basis

Does the above apply to you? Would you like to join us? Fill the form and send it to info@sstb.se.