e-learning Advanced Level

You who have a certificate on Foundation Level and an interesting testing job but would like to move on to the next level.
Do you have difficulties in getting time for ISTQB Advanced Level courses?
Do you think it does not work for you to be away from work for a 5-day course in the Test Manager or 4-day course in the Test Analyst?
Or you may want to study at your own pace.
Another way is to read books about the different modules, see suggestions here.
A third way is to use e-learning.
RBCS (USA) offers e-learning for Test Manager, Test Analyst and Technical Test Analyst.
Study any of these at your own pace, including course materials and exercises, and certificate later in an open SSTB exam and maybe it would be easier to improve your knowledge.
These courses are ISTQB-accredited to ensure that the content complies with ISTQB Syllabi and provides a good foundation for certification.
Look at their website for Test Manager, Test Analyst and Technical Test Analyst