SSTB/ISTQB online exam rules

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The following are the prerequisites and rules that apply to participants in an ISTQB online examination conducted by SSTB. Version 13 2021-10-07

Currently SSTB offers online exams for:
  • CTFL 2018
  • CTFL-AT Agile, Tester
  • CT-MBT Model-based Tester
  • CT-UT Usability Testing
  • CT-PT Performance Tester
  • CT-Aut Automotive Software Testing
  • CT-TAE Test Automation Engineer

What is an online examination?
An online examination is carried out digitally at a distance where the exam taker is in a place other than the proctor. The exam taker uses his/her laptop or desktop to read and answer the exam questions, and the proctor instructs and monitors via the exam taker’s webcam. The examination time is the same as the exam in a classroom (onsite). The difference is that there are limitations in the use of tools or aids, in SSTB's online examinations, no tools and aids are allowed.

  • In SSTB online exams the proctor cannot access the test taker’s files or contents in the computer, only observe the screen.
  • In SSTB online exams you can communicate with the exam in Swedish or English.

The last application date is 1 week before the desired date. The process of application and preparation for the examination is a little more extensive, which is why applications later than this are not possible.

What equipment and other things should I have?

  • Desktop or laptop with webcam
  • Only one computer screen active during test and exam
  • A stable internet connection with a minimum upload speed of 1,5 Mbps. If your own router, please restart it. Can give better speed
  • If your computer is connected to your company's network (in the office or at home via a VPN, for example), there may be restrictions that make it impossible to use the files needed to read questions and write answers or general communication with ProctorExam. Your company can also have access limitations to external sources in their computers.
    SSTB therefore strongly recommends that you use a computer without the risk of such restrictions, e.g. a computer without those limitations and with a direct connection to the internet
    Here is a test where you can check if your computer and/or network permits reading the questionairre
  • Google Chrome, latest version should be installed
    Chrome should have an extension (plugin) to allow the exam to see your screen. Instructions will be given during the setup
    If you use your company's network or computer, ensure that it is possible to install plugins for Chrome
  •  Ability to read, edit, and save Word documents (. docx). MS-Word isn't  necessary, you can e.g. use Libre Office or Open Office, but be sure to open and save in Word-format. Also save in Word-format before you upload at end of exam
  •  Id with photo

Your environment

  • A separate well lit room with door.
    During the setup process, you will be able to see what your webcam is sharing. Make sure the lighting is sufficient and no backlighting.
  • You are alone. You are the only one taking the exam, having someone else in the room is a serious violation.
  • Make sure to cover up all irrelevant private information that you would not like to show, such as pictures or private objects.
  • The door should be closed. Should someone open the door, the proctor will order you to cancel the exam without you getting any result.
  • The desktop should be empty except your computer equipment.

What  I cannot have or do?

  • No electronic devices
  • Only one active computer screen
  • No mobile phone or smartphone
    ProctorExam has a demo-video showing use of a smartphone, but this is not applicable in SSTB exams
  • No Smart Watch
  • No headset or headphones
  • No other electronic equipment (such as cameras) other than that associated with the exam
  • No tools, books, or documents
  • No paper or pen
  • No talking or singing. All sound and talk will be analyzed as suspicious behavior, so make sure you are in a quiet environment and that you refrain from talking out loud.
  • Toilet visits are not allowed.
  • Eating during the exam is not allowed.

·         No other person is allowed into the room during the examination.
The steps for application for the exam
Below are the steps that are reviewed for your exam

  • Application with welcome email
  • Test of your equipment
  • The exam

 You will receive four emails in that process

  • Mail 1. Auto response from SSTB that you completed the first step in your application. Payment remaining
  • Mail 2. From SSTB. Message that you are welcome to your exam.
  • Mail 3. From Proctorexam. There you should test your equipment
  • Mail 4. From ProctorExam. Invitation to start the examination

Application is done on SSTB's website  under Open SSTB exams  / Online examination Foundation Level. If you have participated in a course before, registration can also be done through the training provider.

  • The name you provide will also be on your certificate
  • The address is the one where your result will be posted.
  • You specify the date, time, ISTQB module, and language in which you want to perform the exam.
  • If the language you are going to take an exam in is not your native language, you can get 25% extra time.
  • If you do the examination on other modules than CTFL, you have to attach a copy of your CTFL certificate
  • If you want your certificate to be shown in the ISTQB Successful Candidate Register (SCR), you can approve it here.
  • Be sure that the email-address you provide is correct. The address is used as response to your application with the date and time, plus later you will be instructed to do a test of your equipment and start the examination.
  • When you have also paid, you will receive MailNo. 2 ("Welcome to the ISTQB/SSTB exam...") as confirmation. It tells the date and time that you can perform the exam.
The application must be done latest 7 days prior to the exam

Testing your equipment
Once you have applied and got confirmation, you will receive an email (Mail 3) “Please register for your exam".
Now your equipment will be tested and you will get instructions how to download the Chrome extension. Details are described in more detail in the confirmation of your application and in Mail 3.
Do the test as soon as possible. This to have time to correct possible problems.

The exam

  • You have got a mail, Mail 4 (“You are now ready to take your exam”)
  •  In the system (ProctorExam) you shall download a Word document that is the actual answer form. Fill in your name and save it, preferable on your “Desktop”. Tick your answers during the exam.
  • You should always follow the instructions of the proctor. If not, the proctor has the right to tell you to cancel the exam. Your exam will also fail.
  • If you are caught for misdemeanors, e.g. cheating, you will immediately be asked to finish the examination. Your exam will also fail.
  • The proctor announces just before the end of the exam that there are a few minutes left. When the exam time is out, you should immediately finish and follow the proctor’s directive.
  • At the end of the exam you should save the Word document (the answer form) before uploading it back to the system (ProctorExam).
  • You will be asked to upload the answer form.
  • You must delete any files that were added during the exam. The proctor is checking that you do. If you don't, you fail.
  • Throughout the exam, you must follow the instructions of the proctor as shown in the box at the bottom.

After the exam
The result will be sent to you by post to your home address that you have entered in the application/registration form. Normally you will get it in a week.
If you haven't received your results within two weeks, contact SSTB,