Onsite exam rules

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The following are the prerequisites and rules for participants in an ISTQB examination conducted by SSTB.
Ver 3, 2020-03-02

Special needs
Should you need help reading the questionnaire or need additional time, (e.g. dyslexia), please inform this to SSTB latest one week before the exam together with a medical certificate.

What shall I bring to the exam?

  • ID-card with photo
  • If your exam is not Foundation Level you must bring a certificate (or copy) on ISTQB Foundation Level or equivalent.
    If you cannot find your certificate and you are certified by SSTB you can order a new at www.sstb.se under Services / Lost certificate.
    This is only possible if you were certified by SSTB, if you are certified by another exam body you must contact them. Please be aware that this will take longer time.

What can I bring to the exam?

  • A general dictionary (not testing specific) with the translation from the language used in the exam to the language you choose. You must bring your dictionary by yourself.
  • Lista på testtermer (ISTQB Testtermer. A list of English-Swedish test terms. This list is available on SSTB's website under Document and can be downloaded and printed. The list contains only the translation of test terms, and no explanation of the terms. The list must be downloaded by yourself, the proctor has no copies.(The primary target for this list is Swedish speaking people taking an exam in English)

The books or documents above must not contain any notes or other things in addition to the original. This will be checked by the proctor who, if discovered, can keep the document during the examination.
No other aids can be used (e.g. Glossary)

The exam

  • You have been noticed about the time for the exam when you applied for the exam or otherwise. This time given is when the exam starts. If you have a dictionary or list of test terms, it should be checked by the proctor before the exam. This means you should be there latest 15 minutes before the start time.
  • When you arrive at the venue, you should show your identification card and, where applicable, your certificate (or copy) on ISTQB Foundation Level.
  • If you are not on time, the proctor has the right to reject you and you risk not being allowed to take the exam.
  • If the language in the exam is not your native language, you can get 25% extra time. Notify the proctor before the exam starts.
  • When all have arrived, the proctor will hand out the answer sheet where you should fill in your name and address. Make this clear and legible. You should also fill in if you admit your name to be included in ISTQB's database of certified testers.
  • The exam starts when all have filled in the first page in the answer sheet. You will now get the questionnaire.
  • The exam length depends on the ISTQB module of your choice. See SSTB's website or ask the training provider what applies in your case.
  • Toilet visits are only allowed if the exam time is more than 1:30
  • You must follow the proctor’s instructions. Otherwise the proctor can ask you to leave the premises. Your examination will also be failed.
  • If you were caught for the offense, for example, cheating, you will immediately leave the premises. Your examination will also be failed.
  • No means other than general dictionary and a list of test terms are allowed.
  • Mobile phones, tablets and similar must be turned off.
  • Respect other participants and their need for silence. To contact the proctor during the examination, raise a hand. Otherwise, the proctor has the right to make sure that you leave the premises. Your examination will also be failed.
  • Before the exam ends the proctor will tell that there are few minutes left. When the proctor announces that exam time is up, immediately finish and put down the pen.
  • You may not take anything with you when you leave the exam. Questionnaires and notes must be submitted to the proctor.
  • If you have finished before exam end time, you can leave your answers to the proctor and leave the premises. It should be done quietly and without disturbing other participants.

After the exam
The result will be sent to you by regular post to your home address you specified in the answer form (please write clearly!). Normally you will get it within a week. If you have not received your results within two weeks, contact SSTB, info@sstb.se.