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As the most widely recognized and fastest-growing software testing certification organization in the world ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) now has more than 500 000 certified testers in over 80 countries. SSTB, one of ISTQB's member boards, now has administered over 8600 exams and issued more than 6600 certificates. Besides in English, SSTB also offers a Swedish standard and Swedish testing certification according to the international standard.

ISTQB examination in Umeå 2017-11-09

Like the open exams in Stockholm and Göteborg, SSTB also now offers an opportunity in Umeå

You can take exam in:
ISTQB Foundation Level                                  ISTQB Advanced Level
- Foundation Level                                             - Test Manager
- Agile Tester                                                      - Test  Analyst
- Model-Based Tester                                         - Technical Test Analyst
                                                                           - Test Automation Engineer
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