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Yes, se here

I am planning to apply for a course. How to I register for the examination?

You do this in connection with your application to the course.  If you want to take the exam in a language other than the one used in the course (English or Swedish) you need to inform the training provider/responsible administrator at the latest 2 weeks before the exam.

Note! SSTB recommends that you choose the same language for the exam as used during the course since the terminology can differ.

What is the fee for the examination?
Please look in the calendar and contact the organizer listed in column Application

Can I be certified without following a course?
Yes you can. It is not compulsory to follow a course to take the exam.

You can study by yourself following the syllabus found under Documents or read a book (se Documents as well). It is however a great help to follow a course in order to systematically cover all parts of the syllabus for a certain certification.

Within which ISTQB-areas can I get a certification?

Foundation Level
- Foundation Level CTFL, English, Swedish
- Agile Tester, English, Swedish
- Model-Based Tester, English
- Usability Testing English
- Performance Tester English
- Automotive Software Tester English
- Test Automation Engineer English 
Advanced Level
- Test Manager, English, Swedish
- Test Analyst, English
- Technical Test Analyst, English


I want to take the exam without having participated in a course. How do I do?
See the table of Examination dates, available here on SSTBs website. Choose date and location for the exam.Then contact the responsible administrator listed in the last column of the table and let them know you want to take the exam without attending a course. You must also inform them about your preferred exam language. (On Foundation level and Agile Tester you can choose between both English and Swedish, regardless of the language of the course associated with the exam.) Remember to apply at the latest two weeks before the exam.

Do I need any previous knowledge to take the exam on Foundation level?

No formal previous knowledge is required. In order to pass the exam you should however follow an ISTQB-certified basic course or in other ways procure that knowledge. You should also have a few years of experience from testing or software development.

Do I need any previous knowledge to take the exam for Agile Tester and Model-Based Tester?
You must hold a certificate on ISTQB Foundation Level (ISEB Foundation certificate is also valid). The certificate must be presented to the proctor before the exam starts. For mor information, see Calendar.
In order to pass the exam you could follow an ISTQB-accredited course or in other ways procure that knowledge.

Do I need any previous knowledge to take the exam on Advanced level?

Yes, you must be certified on Foundation level. The certificate must be presented to the proctor before the exam starts. (For mor information, see Calendar).
SSTB recommends three years of experience within the field of the modules Test Manager, Test Analyst or Technical Test Analyst.

In which languages can I take the exam?
See above: Within which ISTQB-areas can I get a certification?

Can I take the exam in Swedish even though the course is listed as given in English?

Yes you can, but you need to apply in time and be clear about your preferred language in your application. You apply in the same way as for an exam following a course, to the responsible administrator.

The same of course applies if you want to take the exam in English following a course given in Swedish.

SSTB recommends that you take the exam in the same language as the course material due to language differences in the terminology

What time does the exam begin?

For onsite -exam (classroom), see Examination > Onsite exams
For online exams, you will get a welcome date and time. Yu can start your exam 15 mins before that time.

How much time do I get to write the exam?

See Examination > Examination length

Can I get extra time for special needs, such as dyslexia?
If you need extra time due to special needs (eg dyslexia or similar) you can get 30 min extra. Send a medical certificate to at the same time as you register. SSTB will delete the medical certificate when we have read it.

Can I pass with distinction, or just pass? If so, how many points do I need to pass with distinction?

There is only one level: pass. 65% or more is pass
- To pass on Foundation Level and extensions you need 26 or more correct answers of 40
- To pass on Advanced Level Test Manager you need 75 points or more (of 115)
- To pass on Advanced Level Test Analyst you need 78 points or more (of 120)
- To pass on Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst you need 52 points or more (of 80)
- To Pass on Advanced Level Test Automation Engineer you need 49 points of 75

How many points to I get for the right answer?
K1-question: Correct answer 1 point, wrong answer 0 point
K2-question: Correct answer 1 point, wrong answer 0 point
K3/K4-question: Correct answer 2 or 3 points, wrong answer 0 point.
For definitions of K1-K4, see syllabus under Documents.

Can I bring any aids along to the exam?
- Classroom/Onsite:
You are allowed to use a general dictionary with translation from the language of the exam to the langauge you choose. You must bring the dictionary yourself.

You can also bring a list of English/Swedish test terminology available under Documents. You must bring the list yourself.

The examination attendant will check that the dictionary is a general one and that the terminology list is from SSTB. There must be no comments made on these aids. If that would be the case the exam attendant will keep them during the exam.
See the rules for classroom exam here

- Online:
A personal whiteboard that must be approved by the proctor before start and end of exam. See here
See the rules for online exam here

Can I keep the questionnaire after the exam?
No, you are not allowed to keep anything from the exam, except for the general dictionary if you brought one. The questionnaire, your notes or anything else you might have used must be handed over to the examination attendant together with your anwers before you are allowed to leave the premises.
In online exam if you used a whiteboard, it must be erased. 

When can I expect to get the results?
The result will be sent by mail to the email address that you stated in the answer form (write neatly!) or in the application if online exam. If you have not received it after three days please contact SSTB.

I failed the exam. Can I get the outcome from my answers?
No, you can't. The questions and their answers are not public.

I failed the exam. How can I re-take the exam?
You can apply for a new exam. Remember that the next exam could cover other parts of the Syllabus than the first one. Therefore try to study on all parts of the syllabus, not only some. If your exam was CTFL and you failed with 1p (i.e. got 25p), you can do a retake within 3 months for 50% of full price. Contact SSTB.

Look in the calendar with Examination dates on SSTBs website. Choose date and location and contact the administrator listed in the table. Tell them that you want to take the exam without following the course and state the examination language that you want (you can choose English or Swedish regardless of the langauge of the course preceeding the exam). You must apply at least 2 weeks before the date of the exam.

I passed the exam and have received my certificate. Can I use the SSTB- or ISTQB-symbol in my CV?
You can use a logo "ISTQB Certified" for the ISTQB level you are certified. If you want to apply for a logo please find Services / Order a personal logo

I have lost my certificate, what shall I do?
Check Services / Lost certificate

Is there any validity period for this certification?
Foundation Level , Advanced Level and for Specialist are ISTQB® certificates valid for life