As a guideline for the accreditation there is a syllabus that descibes what should be covered in the course together with guidelines for the amount of hours that should be spent on each part of the syllabus.

Foundation Level

Agile Tester Extension

Advanced Level 2012

Comments for improvement

SSTB appreciates your comments and possible corrections concerning the syllabus and the glossary. Please use the review form (Excel) below using the following method:

  1. Download the documents Syllabus and Glossary.
  2. Download the Review form
  3. Change name on the excel document to make your name part of the title
  4. Read through the syllabus and the glossary, and fill out one  correction or comment per line in the excel spread sheet.
  5. When ready send the form to


The Glossary with Swedish Ordlista is also available as an app for mobile devices from Appstore or Google Play. The name of the app is TestGloss.