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As the most widely recognized and fastest-growing software testing certification organization in the world ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) now has more than 900 000 certified testers in over 100 countries. SSTB is one of ISTQB's member boards. Besides in English, SSTB also offers a Swedish standard and Swedish testing certification according to the international standard.

ISTQB training combined with certification

Combine your ISTQB exam with attending an ISTQB/SSTB accredited training course first
Accredited training  providers offer courses to help you prepare for ISTQB certification.
If you register for the course and exam at the same time and pay for both in one go:
- the price of the exam will be lower than if you register separately
- for classroom courses, you will be automatically booked for classroom exams in connection with the
- for online courses, you will receive a voucher to use for any online exam
- you will have the opportunity to retake the exam, see below

Free re-take of the exam if you did not pass your exam after the course
Since SSTB has done the accreditation of the training providers, we have confidence that they are conducting the course professionally and with the right content; there are thus conditions for you to pass the subsequent exam.
Should you, after all, fail the exam, we have an offer. SSTB offers a free online re-examination.
Conditions for this:
- Registration for new exam is done within 3 months after your failed exam
- Applies to courses in classroom and online
- Course and exam booked at the same time
- The training provider is ISTQB-accredited through SSTB for the course on which the exam is based
- You have participated in the entire course
- The exam after the course was conducted by SSTB
- The re-examination applies to SSTB online and must be taken within six months of the course
- The offer is valid for one re-exam only

Registration for the re-exam is done here. If your registration is ok, you will receive a voucher code by email to use as payment when you register for your re-exam.

The training providers may also have partners who administer their courses.
See the list of training providers that are ISTQB accredited by SSTB here.

The future of software testing: the role of the tester in an AI-driven world

Software testing is undergoing a revolutionary change with artificial intelligence (AI) at the forefront. Gone are the days when AI was just a future concept. Today, it is a dynamic force leading to a new chapter in software development.
AI introduces new ways and tools that can improve testing in many ways such as bug prediction which allows the tester to focus on other, more important testing tasks.
The ISTQB AI Testing Certification is a gateway to the future of software testing. It covers testing systems that contain AI, but also how to use AI in your testing
Read more here.
There are also references to the Syllabus, Sample Exam, link to ISTQB/SSTB exam, but also a proposal for ISTQB course

Why choose training provider and a course that is accredited by ISTQB?

An ISTQB accredited training provider is someone who has extensive knowledge and experience in testing and can provide additional insight into test terminology and syllabus content to facilitate the achievement of ISTQB certification.
A course from an ISTQB-accredited training provider guarantees that the content covers all sections and parts according to the Syllabus and is therefore a good basis for your ISTQB examinations. The teacher is also certified, has knowledge of the current course and also has pedagogical skills.
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SSTB investigates the possibility to arrange courses and examinations for ISTQB Expert Level, Improving the Test Process (ITP). Please read more here!

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To be able to participate in some ISTQB examinations it is required that you are certified on ISTQB Foundation Level, or equivalent. See more under Examination. That certificate (or copy) must be presented to the invigilator before the exam. 

If you have lost your certificate you can get a new one from the Exam Provider that certified you. If SSTB was your Exam Provider, please order a new certificate here. If you had another Exam Provider, please be aware that it can take some time before you will get a new one. It is therefore important to do it in good time.

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Prsctice Exam for foundation Level has been updated to ver 2015 with minor changes
See link

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The ISTQB® General Assembly meeting of Shanghai 23 October has approved the Release of the Model-Based Tester Foundation Extension Syllabus.

Model-based testing is an innovative test approach to improve effectivity and efficiency of the test process. A model-based tester in a project uses models to drive test analysis and design, and takes advantage of the models for other testing activities such as test implementation and reporting.
ISTQB® Model-Based Tester certification complements the core foundation level as a specialist module. It provides a practical and easy entry to the MBT approach. The ISTQB glossary of software testing terms defines Model-Based Testing as «Testing based on or involving models».

A copy of the Syllabus for a 2-day course can be fond here.

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SSTB will during the spring organize ISTQB-examsin a city close to you.
You can take an exam on:
- ISTQB Foundation Level
- ISTQB Agile Tester
- ISTQB Advanced Level, Test Manager
- ISTQB Advanced Level, Test Analyst
- ISTQB Advanced Level, Technical Test Analyst

The cities that are available för open SSTB/ISTQB exams are:
- Luleå
- Umeå
- Sundsvall
- Stockholm /Kista
- Göteborg
- Malmö
- Karlskrona

In cooperation with our training providers there are also possibilities to take an open exam in Linköping och Falun

For calendar and applivcation:
- Foundation Level or Agile Tester
- Advanced Level

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Currently SSTB offers open exams in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö.
We expand this in the spring to also include Sundsvall and Umeå
Following exams are available:
ISTQB Foundation Level. Swedish and English
ISTQB Agile Tester. Swedish and English
ISTQB Advanced Level, Test Manager. Swedish and English
ISTQB Advanced Level, Test Analyst. English
ISTQB Advanced Level, Technical Test Analyst. English

For more info and dates, look here

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Konsultbolag1 is now accredited on ISTQB Agile Tester Swedish.
Konsultbolag1 is earlier accredited on ISTQB Agile Tester English and ISTQB Foundation Level Swedish

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