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As the most widely recognized and fastest-growing software testing certification organization in the world ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) now has more than 500 000 certified testers in over 80 countries. SSTB is one of ISTQB's member boards. Besides in English, SSTB also offers a Swedish standard and Swedish testing certification according to the international standard.

SSTB offers online exams

SSTB can now also offer online exams. This means that you can conduct your exam remotely, at home or in a place where you can work individually.
The difference from onsite exams is that there are limitations in the use of assistive devices; no aids, with one exeption, are allowed in SSTB's online examinations.


For more info and rules about SSTB's online exams, see here
You can apply for an exam here

SSTB exams

As an ISTQB member board, SSTB conducts examinations and certifications in most of the modules offered by ISTQB. Se product portfolio below.
SSTB conducts ISTQB examinations as follows:

  • Immediately following a course conducted by accredited course holders. See the Calendar tab. All course holders always have an exam connected to their course
  • Approximately once a month as an open exam in Stockholm and Göteborg. See Open SSTB Exams. There you can participate in any of the ISTQB examinations offered by SSTB. The exams are done on paper and the results are posted to the address you provided during the examination
  • At the request of a group or a company. Please contact SSTB for agreement.
  • You can also participate in an online exam.  There you can participate in any of the ISTQB examinations offered by SSTB.


Online              Classroom
2022-12-15      Kista 2022-12-16 Canceled
2022-12-20      Göteborg ----
Also, see Calendar          


2019 > 07

SSTB now offers examination in ISTQB Usability Testing English
Se the calendar for dates, also SSTB open exams for application.
Se also Syllabus, sample exam and info about Usability exam.
There are 40 questions in exam. 1 hour(1:15 for non native English). Certificate on FL is requred.

SSTB now offers exams in
Foundation Level
  • FL 2011 Swedish (until 2019-12-04)
  • FL 2018 Swedish, English
  • Agile Tester Swedish, English
  • Model-Based Tester English
  • Usability Testing English 

Advanced Level
  • Test Manager Swedish, English
  • Test Analyst English
  • Technical Test Analyst English
  • Test Automation Engineer English
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Lemontree Enterprise Solutions AB are now accredited for course ISTQB FL 2018 with  English material.

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ISTQB-SSTB Product Portfolio

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For complete ISTQB product portfolio, see here
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