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As the most widely recognized and fastest-growing software testing certification organization in the world ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) now has more than 900 000 certified testers in over 100 countries. SSTB is one of ISTQB's member boards. Besides in English, SSTB also offers a Swedish standard and Swedish testing certification according to the international standard.

ISTQB training combined with certification

Combine your ISTQB exam with attending an ISTQB/SSTB accredited training course first
Accredited training  providers offer courses to help you prepare for ISTQB certification.
If you register for the course and exam at the same time and pay for both in one go:
- the price of the exam will be lower than if you register separately
- for classroom courses, you will be automatically booked for classroom exams in connection with the
- for online courses, you will receive a voucher to use for any online exam
- you will have the opportunity to retake the exam, see below

Free re-take of the exam if you did not pass your exam after the course
Since SSTB has done the accreditation of the training providers, we have confidence that they are conducting the course professionally and with the right content; there are thus conditions for you to pass the subsequent exam.
Should you, after all, fail the exam, we have an offer. SSTB offers a free online re-examination.
Conditions for this:
- Registration for new exam is done within 3 months after your failed exam
- Applies to courses in classroom and online
- Course and exam booked at the same time
- The training provider is ISTQB-accredited through SSTB for the course on which the exam is based
- You have participated in the entire course
- The exam after the course was conducted by SSTB
- The re-examination applies to SSTB online and must be taken within six months of the course
- The offer is valid for one re-exam only

Registration for the re-exam is done here. If your registration is ok, you will receive a voucher code by email to use as payment when you register for your re-exam.

The training providers may also have partners who administer their courses.
See the list of training providers that are ISTQB accredited by SSTB here.

The future of software testing: the role of the tester in an AI-driven world

Software testing is undergoing a revolutionary change with artificial intelligence (AI) at the forefront. Gone are the days when AI was just a future concept. Today, it is a dynamic force leading to a new chapter in software development.
AI introduces new ways and tools that can improve testing in many ways such as bug prediction which allows the tester to focus on other, more important testing tasks.
The ISTQB AI Testing Certification is a gateway to the future of software testing. It covers testing systems that contain AI, but also how to use AI in your testing
Read more here.
There are also references to the Syllabus, Sample Exam, link to ISTQB/SSTB exam, but also a proposal for ISTQB course

Why choose training provider and a course that is accredited by ISTQB?

An ISTQB accredited training provider is someone who has extensive knowledge and experience in testing and can provide additional insight into test terminology and syllabus content to facilitate the achievement of ISTQB certification.
A course from an ISTQB-accredited training provider guarantees that the content covers all sections and parts according to the Syllabus and is therefore a good basis for your ISTQB examinations. The teacher is also certified, has knowledge of the current course and also has pedagogical skills.
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2024-06-27      Göteborg ---
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Once a month SSTB offers opens exams in Stockholm/Kista, Göteborg och Malmö.
We offer exams in all areas that SSTB currently has.
The exams in Stockholm/Kista och Göteborg are administered by SSTB while the exams in Malmö are administered by System Verification.
For Stockholm and Göteborg you apply here for Foundation Level and Extensions and here for Advanced Level. For Malmö you apply here
Calendar for alla exams are here for Foundation Level and here for Advanced Level

Following ISTQB modules are available for exam
Foundation Level

  • Foundation Level Core               English andSwedish
  • Agile Tester                                English andSwedish
  • Model-Based Tester                   English

Advanced Level

  • Test Manager                              English andSwedish
  • Test Analyst                                English
  • Technical Test Analyst               English
  • Test Automation Engineer          English
    (coming soon)
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If you want to be your company’s leader in test automation, you’ll love ISTQB’s new Advanced Test Automation Engineer. The exam will be available in a few weeks, but you can already download the free syllabus (body of knowledge), practice exam questions, and practice exam answers.
To be able to certify on ISTQB Advanced Level, Test Automation Engineer you must be certified on Foundation Level
The syllabus can be found here and the practice exam here

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ISTQB® has released a 10-minute survey (around 20 questions) to gather customer views in relation to the current ISTQB® product portfolio and its further development.
Last time we conducted our survey we got very useful feedback from the market. This year survey is based on previous one with purpose to get more insights on the current trends
The surveys will be available until the 31th of December 2016 via the following link:
This survey will provide an excellent opportunity to collect feedback from the worldwide software testing community and we would appreciate your assistance in answering and inviting people and other professionals to participate.

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Syllabus Advanced Level Security Tester is now availabe on SSTB's web site here.
There is also an overview describing e.g. Business Outcomes and course length.
On SSTB web page there is also a practice exam. See here.
Currently there is no accredited Training Provider in Sweden or exam. If there there is a interest for an exam we will offer one.
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CAG is 2016-08-19 accredited for ISTQB Foundation Level, Agile tester with material and terminology in English
See link

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A summary presentation of ISTQB June 2016 can be downloaded here

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SSTB offers 50% discount on all ISTQB exams offered by SSTB in Kista 2016-06-28.
To get the discount you have to apply latest Sunday 2016-06-26 and use the discount code KISTA286 when paying for the exam.
Apply for the exam under the folder ' Open SSTB exams'. All other conditions mentioned there are stll valid

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The book MODEL-BASED TESTING ESSENTIALS, Guide to the ISTQB Certified Model-Based Tester, is now availabe in book stores.
The Syllabus for Model-Based Tester was approved by ISTQB in october 2015 for general market availability and the book has been prepared to be a study guide for this.
Please find info about the book here.
Also find the Syllabus here and the Practice exam here.

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Our Danish ISTQB organization, DSTB, is organizing a test conference 9th of June 2016 at Tivoli Congress Center in Copenhagen called From theory to practice.
The conference will be held in four tracks, one in English
See the flyer
Also se a link to the conference
From an SSTB perspective we would like to offer your members or people who sign up because they have seen our conference through your communication a discount. The normal price is DKK 3125 including VAT. Our membership price is DKK 2500 including VAT.

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ISTQB® will continue with existing Foundation, Advanced and Expert modules that will be grouped under the Core stream.
New modules that are more specific in their nature, will be served under the Specialist stream.
For more info see:

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ISTQB-SSTB Product Portfolio

SSTB provides exam for the modules with SSTB logo