The following applies for examinations arranged by SSTB, for both Foundation and Advanced level. You will find specific information about the two levels here: 
Foundation Level Core
Foundation Level, Agile Tester
Foundation Level, Model-based Tester
Advanced level. (Test Manager, Test Analyst, Technical Test Analyst, Test Automation Engineer)

For SSTB online-examination see here

Different ways to apply for an exam

You can apply for an examination in the following ways:

  1. By applying to a course at one of SSTBs accredited training providers and take the accompanying examination.
  2. By only taking the exam accompanying a course. When you apply for an exam in this way remember to inform the training provider that you only want to take the exam.
  3. Take part in an open examination arranged by SSTB. You then apply directly to SSTB.
  4. Your company or another administrator has arranged a course and/or examination and you take care of the applications together.

Aids allowed at the examination

You are allowed to bring the following to the examination:

  • General dictionary English-Swedish. It must be a general dictionary that has no specialization whatsoever and contains general English and Swedish words.
  • A list of English-Swedish testing terminology. To be used by Swedish talking people during exam with English material. The list contains only translations of terms without explanations. You have to download your own list. The examination proctor has no list.

The above materials are not allowed to contain any notes or additional information. This will be checked by the proctor, who, if he/she discovers any extra notes, will keep the document during the exam. No other aids are allowed. 

Examination starting time

You will receive information about the examination starting time in connection with your application or in another way. That is the time when the examination starts. If you bring a dictionary it must be controlled by the examination attendant before the examination starts. This means you need to arrive at least 15 minutes before the appointed time.