Examination Foundation Level, Agile Tester

Below you will find information about what to expect from a course for Agile Tester and what you as a student should pay attention to before taking an exam for ISTQB Agile Tester arranged by SSTB.


You must have a certificate on ISTQB Foundation Level Core to be able to participate in an exam for Agile Tester (a foundation certificate for e.g. ISEB is valid as well). The certificate must be shown to the proctor before the exam starts.

As preparation for an examination you can apply for an ISTQB-course for Agile Tester. The course lasts at least 2 days but can be split into different parts. Make sure that the course you choose is accredited by ISTQB. (See Examination dates for available courses and Accredited training providers for training providers accredited by SSTB.)

If you believe that you already have enough knowledge about the content of the course you can take the exam without taking a course (but remember that you must have Foundation Level certificate). 

Examination content

  • 40 questions
  • All questions are Multiple Choice questions
    - Choose 1 of 4 options
    - Choose 2 of 5 options
  • Cognitive level K1 - K3
  • Each question is worth 1 point
  • No penalties (minus points) for wrong answers
  • Totally 40 points
  • 26 points or more are needed to pass

Who can take the exam?

Anyone can take the exam, but SSTB recommends that you have a basic level of knowledge within the field. You must also be certified on Foundation Level. See about Preparations above.

Duration of examination

Exam in Swedish: 1:00 (if your native lanquage is not Swedish and you do not master Swedish the time is 1:15)
Exam in English: 1:00 (if English is not your native language the time is 1:15)